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 Five-day Workshop  "Level 1"

26-31 March 2023 - Orval, East West Centre:
"Energy of nature"

Teacher: Claire Elouard

Organised by East West Centre, Orval


Date and timing: 26-31 March 2023 - Starts on 26 at 7.00 pm and ends on 31 at 4.00 pm


Venue: Orval, Bois-le-Comte 1, 6823 Villers-dt-Orval, Belgium

Language: English

Please bring pen, drawing pencils / material and paper, warm and waterproof clothing and waterproof mat to sit on.

In this five-day workshop "Energy of nature" Level 1, the participants explore their perception of the different elements of nature - earth, water, fire, air and ether - with their qualities and energies and in this way extend their conscious connection with the healing powers of nature and particularly of trees. The understanding of the elements manifestation in ourselves at body, mind and spirit levels leads to a more positive and uplifting daily life.

Qualities and topics explored and practiced:

  • Anchoring

  • Stability at body, mind and spiritual levels

  • Connection with one's energy and one's perception of energy in nature

  • Connection with earth energy

  • Centering

  • Practice of being a channel of earth and cosmic energy

  • Exploration of the five elements, their qualitites and types of energy

  • Practice of getting the five elements support from nature

  • Connection with trees, the qualities of their elements and their energy

  • Development of a personal relationship with a tree companion

  • Introduction to the elements, their qualities and their ennergy

  • Connection with one's intuition

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