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Level 1
Connecting with the five elements in
nature and in ourselves
13-17 April 2024 - near Chengdu

Have you ever heard about the elements of nature and their different types of qualities and energies? Have you connected deeply with trees? Have you practiced your perception of nature’s energy and feeling your own energy?

Nature’s energy is ever-present in our life, in the soil we walk on, in the air we breathe and in the food we eat. So, when we consciously connect with the energy of nature, we explore the natural world in a deeper way. This can help us to find harmony and stability within ourselves in our daily life, and get us in touch with the healing powers of nature.

This five-day “Energy of Nature” workshop guides the participants towards the cultivation of a deep awareness of their intuitive relationship with nature, particularly with trees and plants. Through experiential activities, the participants will understand and expand their conscious perception of energy and enhance their connection with their intuition. They will also deepen their connection with themselves and their own qualities, and with nature and its supportive and healing energy. An exploration of the five elements in nature (earth, water, fire, air and ether), their different qualities and healing powers, will be conducted during the workshop.

The experiential activities will get to explore and practice the following aspects:

  • Identification of one’s perception of energy in oneself and in nature.

  • Practice of one’s connection to earth (grounding and anchoring) and its energy.

  • Practice of stability at body, mind and spiritual levels.

  • Connection with the spiritual heart and practice of centering.

  • Development of one’s intuition.

  • Choice of a tree to establish a personal relationship with.

  • Exploration of the trees’ energy and their different qualities and healing powers.

  • Introduction to the five elements in nature (earth, water, fire, air and ether), their qualities and expression in nature and in ourselves, and their healing powers.

  • Identification of places replenishing our energy.

  • Guided contemplations on nature.


Bring your favourite pen and notebook, drawing paper, colour pencils or other drawing material, and a sitting pad for when in nature.

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