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Public talk
Connecting with
nature and its healing powers
28 March 2024 - Chengdu

Nature provides, besides all resources for our living, a sense of well-being, allowing us to connect with ourselves in a deeper way. When we are in nature, we can feel at peace and in harmony with the world. We can also refresh and replenish ourselves with nature’s energy, feel heightened and more energized after a stroll in a park or a walk in the forest. Our conscious connection with nature and its energy makes us more open to all nature can give us and increases our ability to be in touch with and receive nature’s healing powers.

In this talk, we will explore first how nature can help us connect to its qualities and with ourselves, and we will more deeply connect with the five Elements of nature – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (spirituality), their qualities, energies and healing powers. Some exercises will be proposed during the session, to experience our connection with these Elements.


Claire Elouard’s talk, based on her experience in working in the field of ecology and giving workshops on “Energy in nature”, will cover the method and exercises that she uses for helping people to increase their conscious connection with themselves and with nature and more particularly trees, and to open themselves to the healing powers of nature.

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