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Level 2
Connecting with the energy of

17-20 May 2024
Bua Resort, Suan Phueng district, Ratchaburi Province ( south-west)

Want to extend your connection with the trees and their healing powers? Want to expand your connection with the elements of nature? Want to deepen your understanding of yourself and your energy? Want to experience crystal energy? Want to get more connected to the earth and universal energies?
This “Energy of Nature” workshop Level 2 is a four-day programme for those who have participated in the Level 1 workshop. The participants will deepen their intuitive relationship with plants and trees and their perception of the different healing powers of trees. They will also deepen their connection and understanding of the different elements in nature in connection with the chakras and their energy. They will strengthen their ability to get grounded and centered, to be more connected with the earth and universal energies, and with their spiritual heart. They will as well experience conveying the different types of healing energy to other people. There will also be an approach of perception of the qualities and energies of crystals, and practice using them to enhance and balance energy in a room.
The outcome of the workshop will be the strengthening of the participants’ conscious awareness of their own energy, and their communion with nature, and their ability to use the generous healing powers of nature.
The experiential activities will get to explore and practice the following aspects:

  • Practice of grounding-centering and be one with our spiritual heart.

  • pending time with a companion tree.

  • Deepening of the perception of supportive and healing trees.

  • Deepening of the perception of the five elements in nature (earth, water, fire, air and ether), their qualities and their various healing powers;

  • Practice of conveying healing energy of a tree to other people.

  • Work with crystals on the perception of their energies and qualities and using them to reinforce positive / healing spots.

Bring your favourite pen and notebook, drawing paper, colour pencils or other drawing material, and a sitting pad for when in nature.

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