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Exploring the five elements of nature
22-24 March 2024

This 3-day workshop is organised for the participants who have already taken the 2-day foundational workshop. It is a complement to the learning about the connection with the energy of nature experiences during the 2-day workshop, to reach the level of the 5-day Level 1 workshop.


During these 3 days, we will explore in theory and practice the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (spiritual energy) –, their qualities and types of energy in connection with the chakras. This exploration will make possible to understand in a deeper way the participation of these elements and their qualities into the development of our personality and functioning in our daily life.

Exercises will be conducted in nature to perceive and experience the elements in nature and in ourselves, and to practice in a deeper way the support the qualities of these elements can give us in energy as well as in strengthening these qualities within ourselves. These exercises and experiential activities are tools that we can use in daily life to enhance our well-being as well as when experiencing events and challenges.

A part of these three days will be spent indoors to explore the elements of nature as well as to get knowledge on the perception of plants and their functioning. Most of the time will be outdoors to practice grounding and to experience the elements of nature in nature and in ourselves.

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