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2-day fundational workshop
Connecting with the energy
of nature
30 & 31 March 2024 - Chengdu

Want to deepen your connection with nature, explore your connection with trees, learn more about the energy of nature and in yourself?

This Two-day foundational workshop of “Connecting with the Energy of Nature” helps participants to deepen their awareness of their intuitive relationship with nature, and particularly with trees, and to strengthen their conscious connection with nature. This conscious connection with nature and its energy can help us in our daily life, to find harmony and stability within ourselves, and bring us in touch with the healing powers of nature.

During the workshop, various experiential activities will be conducted on grounding, centering  and connection with the heart, and into the perception of the different types of energy in nature and in ourselves, along with an exploration of the energy of trees and some of their qualities that can help us to be more grounded, energized or more connected with the heart. 

This two-day workshop includes the following experiential activities:

  • Exercises to identify one’s perception of energy in oneself and in nature.

  • Exercises on anchoring, leading to stability of body, mind and spirit.

  • Exercises on grounding and centering and be one with one’s spiritual heart.

  • Deepening of the connection with one’s intuition.

  • Learning to find a tree that can help us in getting more grounded, energized and connected to our heart.

  • Developing a relationship with a companion tree.

  • Guided contemplations on nature.


Bring your favourite pen and notebook, drawing paper, colour pencils or other drawing material, and a sitting pad for when in nature.

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