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Connecting with nature and its healing powers

28 March 2024 - Chengdu

  • Two-day workshop

Connecting with the energy of nature

30-31 March 2024 - Chengdu

Want to deepen your connection with nature, explore your connection with trees, learn more about the energy of nature and in yourself?
  • Five-day Level 1 workshop

Connecting with the five elements in nature and in ouselves

13-17 April 2024 - near Chengdu

Have you ever heard about the elements of nature and their different types of qualities and energies? Have you connected deeply with trees? Have you practiced your perception of nature’s energy and feeling your own energy?
  • Level 2 workshop

Connecting with the energy of nature

23-26 March 2024 - near Chengdu

Want to extend your connection with the trees and their healing powers? Want to expand your connection with the elements of nature? Want to deepen your understanding of yourself and your energy? Want to experience crystal energy? Want to get more connected to the earth and universal energies?
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