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My friend recommended Claire Elouard’s "Energy of nature level 1" workshop to me.  It has been almost 10 years since I signed up for my 1st class.  I found  it fascinating because we learned how to identify the different tree elements  like earth, fire, air, water and their expression and connection with people.  Since then, when I visit parks or go for a walk I become more curious about and feel connected with the trees around me.
I completed levels 2 and 3 of "Energy of nature". It deepened my sense of perception and intuition with trees and nature. With a better understanding of the power of different tree elements, I now practice giving and receiving healing energy from the trees to myself and others.
Spending time with my trees is one of my favourite peaceful moments to rewire my thoughts, be more centered and grounded. I enjoy Claire's workshops and am very grateful as I benefit immensely from her deep knowledge and experience. It gave me a very useful tool to get through some tough times in life and find clarity.

- Abe Chung

It was wonderful! I felt the power of grounding, fire and air when I told my tree learning story with my friend. I started to look for trees on the way to work or going home. I see them as new friends to be and new companion to spend time, no matter what mood I am. And I do meditation regularly at home. I am now excited to go to nature and I feel that I am home when I am in nature.

- Nancy Leung

Deeper realisation of impermanence - trees teach us life is like that, it is life. Just live in the moment is the best we should do so that our life is prosperous. And healing energy from trees also can sooth the stormy heart :) And also very important, trees open my visions further.

- Ady Liu

I cannot fully describe the full extent of how the last workshop has influenced me - all I can say is that it unlocked a huge part of my being and has helped me tune in to my intuition and this guidance has led me to unfold my journey on this spiritual path. It has been incredible to apply the learnings from the last workshop in my life. The learnings are now part of my daily life and way of being.

- Fiona Phua

Ever since the last workshop in Nov 2018, I have experienced dramatic changes in my life. The changes were positive. I have been feeling more grounded. When it comes to making important decisions, I take the time to listen to my heart and trust my intuition more. Ever since the last workshop, I have been meeting more people and reading more books that could help me in becoming a better person.

- Joanne Chan

Enhanced my sensitivity to nature's energy, have more contact with trees and centering facilitates me to focus on the present.

- Amy Chak

I become less controlling and follow the flow more. I become more appreciative of small things in life such as smelling a blooming flower, smiling to the moon. I feel less alone and more connected to my environment and community.

- Athena Wu

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